1_ NTSC: Introduction
 2_ Scanning, Timing/Sync, Sync Recovery,  Numbers
 3_ Gain & Offset, D.C. Restoration, Gamma Correction
 4_ Resolution, Bandwidth, Spectrum
 5_ Color Physics: Eye, CIE
 6_ Color Encoding: Color Bars, Camera, 
RGB, YIQ, Color  Subcarrier
 7_ Color Decoding:
 8_ Digital TV/Graphics: ADC-DAC, Frame Buffers, Timebase Correction, VGA
 9_ VCR: Spectrum, Circuits
10_ Circuits & Practices: D.C. Restore, Proc Amps, DAs
Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
Showing Electro- static & Electro- magnetic Deflection. Note that Electro-magnetic deflection coil's influence is 90 from its axis.
Electro-static is Fast; CRTs are Large & expensive.
Raster Scan Deflection Waveforms
Figure shows Horizontal & Vertical Sweep Voltage Waveforms, and their relative timing Relationships.
Interlace Raster Scan
Illustration of scanning beam on CRT face during Interlace scan.

Interlaced Scan
Illustration of how Interlacing is accompolished.
Raster Scan Synchronization Waveforms
NTSC/RS-170A, complete set of waveforms, including Composite Blanking. 
Note Color Subcarrier phasing (in red).
Horizontal Sync Complex
Illustrating "Front Porch," "Sync Tip," "Back Porch" with Color Burst riding on it. 
The interval between the end of the sync tip & the start of the burst is sometimes refered to as the "Breeze -way." Note also, the "Burst Flag" (D.C. Restore clamp).

Vertical Sync Recovery
Vertical sync recovery by Integration of composite sync waveform.
So-called "Hammerhead" waveform
Normally invisible waveform of the "Vertical Interval," showing the relationship of the Horizontal sync Pulses; Pre-Equalization Pulses; Serration Pulses; Post-Equalization Pulses; Color Burst, etc. 
Sync Seperator
Circuit for the recovery of both, Horizontal Sync & Vertical Sync, as well as, Even/Odd Field Flag.
Sync Seperator
Sync Separator with "Noise" pulse suppression--used in terrestrial receivers & VTR/VCRs.
Horizontal Deflection
Horizontal deflection circuit, showing Drive transistor, Damper diode, Deflection Coil, Resonating & linearizing Capacitors; with High Voltage Fly-back transformer (tuned to third harmonic of scanning frequency).

 Horiz Deflection Sequence
"L" & "C" Charge Discharge sequencing related to horizontal scan beam position. 

 Numerical Relationships

 Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
 Broadcast Spectrum Shaping
NTSC Broadcast signal uses Vestigial SideBand (VSB) transmission, with properly bandlimited "I" & "Q" chroma information. 
Note also, the aural carrier @ 4.5 MHz. In practice, this is inserted as a highlevel aural transmitter output at the transmitting antenna. 
Television Technology for Engineers, Technicians & Hobbyists
Television encompasses more subject areas than any other single technology. You learn switching power supplies, perception, wireless communications, ergonomics, physics: --the list is endless...
Electro-magnetic is Slow; CRTs are small & inexpensive. Almost ALL Image displays use Electro-magnetic deflection!
Interlaced Scan Color Display
In NTSC Television Broadcast signals, the Video information is Amplitude Modulation (AM); the Aural information is Frequency Modulation (FM).


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